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Govt. Approved E rickshaw

Our state of the art designed E- Rickshaws comes from the renowned electric vehicles brand SkyRide Automotive (Part of Swadeshi Group) - known for their quality and durability across the country. The electric rickshaws are built to withstand Indian road conditions and are easy to maintain and upkeep. The Govt. Approved Skyride e-rickshaws are a pride of every customer. Sky ride is a name that resonates with being a true companion of the road - always ready to charge ahead with comfort and style.

Govt. Approved E rickshaw

Govt. Approved E rickshaw Govt. Approved E rickshaw Govt. Approved E rickshaw Govt. Approved E rickshaw

Features :
Unique & Govt. Approved Designs
Non Conventional Looks
Higher Mileage
Competitive Price
Wider Body for Passenger’s Comfort
High Quality Motors to run on any kind of road
Very Low Maintenance Cost
Easy Availability of Spare Parts
Eco Friendly Vehicle


Dimensions 2790x975x1730 (LxWxH) mm (approx.)
Carrying Capacity 4 Passengers + 1 Driver,
Weight 210 Kgs. (without battery)
Battery 4 Nos. / 48 volts
Approx. Mileage 100 KMS* per full charge
Motor Capacity 1000 Watt
Controller Air cooled closed loop with 24 mosfets (48 V)
Breaking Hand & Foot Brake
Shocker Escorts (Hydraulic) with Dust Protection Boots
Tyre Size/ Brand 90x90x12 (Birla)
App. Charging Time 8-9* Hours
Chassis Heavy Duty Monocoque Chassis
Maximum Speed 25 Kms/hr
Charger SMPS Type
Lock Ignition Lock
Meter Water Proof Meter
Roof Fiber Double Ply
*Under Certain Test Conditions
*Depending upon Charger and Battery Capacity and Site & Product Conditions
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