E Rickshaw Market & Opportunities

Become an E Rickshaw Manufacturer and Supplier

You could step into e-rickshaw manufacturing business and could make profits as a supplier in India. Rickshaw manufacturing companies are growing at a rapid phase; this is because of the demand for this vehicle. Since the government is encouraging with loans for lesser interest rate, small entrepreneurs are showing much interest in buying this e-rickshaw. Even these e-rickshaw manufacturing companies are coming up with innovative ways to attract consumers. These eco-friendly vehicles are much needed to put a halt to growing air and sound pollution. With growing demand, manufacturing companies are planning to meet demand at any cost. E-rickshaw manufacturing companies are contributing to better weather conditions across the country.

Rent out your e-rickshaw to a driver on daily basis:

If you feel you cannot drive this vehicle then you can rent it out to other. They run your vehicle on your behalf and make money. You need to make a deal what percentage of daily collection you want to have. Make sure you give your E-rickshaw to the person you trust most.

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E Rickshaw Tenders Are Going To Be Introduced By Central Govt.

The Indian government plans to soon float bulk tenders to buy electric-powered three-wheelers and rickshaws, for which it expects to get bids from manufacturers such as Bajaj Auto, Mahindra & Mahindra, TVS and Piaggio Ape. The idea is to bring in state-run firms including NTPC, Indian Oil Corporation and Power Grid Corporation to set up battery swap shops for the vehicles, officials said.  source 

The tenders are likely to be followed by large procurement contracts for city buses for states transport departments, which are expected to attract few companies, they said. The tenders for electric three-wheelers will be on the lines of the government’s UNNAT JYOTI by Affordable LEDs for All (Ujala) scheme, under which LED lamps are procured in large numbers through competitive bidding and distributed through an agency.

The aim is to help lower the prices of electric vehicles through economies of scale and easy absorption of the battery vehicles in the Indian fleet,” he said. The government has an ambitious plan to replace diesel and petrol vehicles to shift to an all-electric fleet by 2030, to reduce fuel import bill, running cost of vehicles and carbon footprint.

The tenders for e-buses will be floated after aggregating demand from transport departments in states, the official said. EThad earlier reported that the government was considering the promotion of two-wheelers, three-wheelers and city buses without batteries to cut acquisition costs. Batteries can be leased at a specified cost and can be swapped with recharged ones at charging stations. Indian Oil Corporation, NTPC, Power Grid Corporation, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd and BHELBSE -0.35 % are being considered to boost the number of electric vehicle charging stations, battery swap stations and manufacture of lithium-ion batteries.

source: https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/industry/auto/news/industry/centre-to-float-bulk-tenders-for-e-rickshaws/articleshow/60947018.cms

E Rickshaw Distribution by PM Narendra Modi in Lucknow, UP

E Rickshaw Distribution by PM MODI

E Rickshaw not only offering employment to many in India, but it has other benefits also. That is the reason why Indian Govt. is also promoting these battery operated Rickshawsskyride e rickshaw

लखनऊ विजिट पर गये पीएम मोदी ने 2100 ई-रिक्शों का वितरण किया, जो काफी चर्चा का विषय रहा। क्योंकि पिछले दिनों इसी तर्ज पर यूपी के सीएम अखिलेश यादव ने भी तीन सौ लोगों को ई-रिक्शा बांटे थे। ये सब एक तरह से चुनाव प्रचार से भी जुड़ा हुआ था और साथ ही केंद्र सरकार की एक नीती जिससे इ रिक्शा को बढ़ावा मिल सके।

ई-रिक्शा से लोगों को रोजगार तो मिलता ही है, इसी के साथ ई-रिक्शा के कई अन्य फायदे भी हैं, जिसके चलते सरकार ई-रिक्शा को प्रमोट कर रही है।

क्या हैं ई-रिक्शा के फायदे

पर्यावरण अनुकूल– ई-रिक्शा बैटरी से चलता है तो इसी वजह से इससे वायु प्रदुषण उत्पन्न नहीं होता है। सिर्फ इतना ही नहीं ई-रिक्शा में इस्तेमाल होने वाली बैटरी आसानी से रिसाइकिल की जा सकती है, जिसकी वजह से इसे बदलने में समस्या नहीं होती है।

किफायती – ई-रिक्शा और वाहनों के विपरीत सस्ते होते हैं और आम आदमी इसे आसानी से खरीद सकता है। इसके अलावा यात्रियों को दूसरे जन यातायातों के मुकाबले में कम शुल्क पड़ता है। सिर्फ उपभोक्ताओं को ही नहीं, इसकी कम लागत का फायदा मालिकों को भी मिलता है। ई-रिक्शा की बैटरी आसानी से चार्ज की जा सकती है।

कम ध्वनि प्रदूषण– ई-रिक्शा से किसी भी प्रकार की ध्वनि उत्सर्जित नहीं होती है, जिसकी वजह से यह एक ध्वनि प्रदूषण मुक्त वाहन है।

आजीविका– ई-रिक्शा गरीब और बेरोजगार रिक्शा चालकों के लिए आजीविका का स्त्रोत बनता जा रहा है। इसमें ज्यादा पैसे का निवेश नहीं करने पड़ता है, जिसकी वजह से यह एक अच्छा आजीविका का माध्यम है।

सुरक्षा– अन्य ईंधन ऑपरेटिंग वाहनों की तुलना में ई-रिक्शा में कम जोखिम होता है। ईंधन ऑपरेटिंग वाहन में विस्फोट भी हो सकते हैं, लेकिन ई-रिक्शा में ऐसा कोई खतरा नहीं होता है।

E Rickshaw Advantages

Advantages of E Rickshaw in India

E rickshaw or Electric rickshaw has been becoming more popular in most parts of the globe since 2008. In India, these battery rickshaws began to gain popularity since 2011.

As these electric rickshaws faced a ban by the Indian government in the capital city of Delhi, the increase in their number failed. But, still, they are widely used in most parts of the country.

On 8 October 2014, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways had notified the rules to regulate these E Rickshaws by making important amendments under the Motor Vehicles Rules of 1989. In March 2015, the Parliament passed the amendments and finally, legalized the use of electric rickshaws on Indian Roads.

Recently, the transport department decided to introduce these e-rickshaws in four major cities of Maharashtra – Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur and Nashik.

Now, that these new age vehicles will be available on the streets soon, let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of e-rickshaws.

E Rickshaw Benefits

1. Eco – friendly – E-rickshaws can be the best alternative to petrol or diesel run vehicles as they are operated on a battery. These rickshaws do not emit smoke and thus, will not contribute to the increasing air pollution. The batteries which will be used for the functioning of these rickshaws can be effectively recycled and thus, will solve the problem of battery disposal.

2. Economical – E-rickshaws are comparatively cheap and can be easily afforded by a common man. Passengers will have to pay a less transport charge. It is cost effective not only for the consumers but also for the owners. The batteries can be easily recharged from home or from any place that provides a proper voltage.

3. Free from noise pollution – E-rickshaws are free from creating noise pollution as they do not emit any sound. Passengers can have a smooth and comfortable ride.

4. Livelihood – E-rickshaws provide a means of livelihood for the common as well as illiterate people. Without investing much of money, the e-rickshaw drivers can earn a good livelihood.

5. Safety – E-rickshaws involve less risk when compared to the other fuel operating vehicles. They can cause less accident as they are slower and lighter than an auto rickshaw. There is a chance of explosion in the case of fuel operating vehicles.

6. Easy maintenance – As they use electricity, they do not require fuel to operate the engines. E-rickshaws are free from an engine and a gearbox and thus, the burden of maintenance is reduced. The motor which is used in these rickshaws is smaller and the battery is placed below it. Hence, maintaining them is quite easier.